Ski Green Directory

Ski Green Directory

Reduce your carbon footprint, protect the slopes: there are multiple ways to think green next time you hit the piste. We are making it easier to support the resorts and businesses that are doing the right thing for the mountains, with our directory of businesses that operate with an eye to the environment.

Check our #SkiGreen Directory below, before you book your next trip or buy your next piece of kit.


Buy your ski and snowboard clothing secondhand, rent or borrow it for your trip: the greenest option is always to NOT buy new. The carbon footprint of the fashion industry is second highest only to the oil industry. Horrifying, huh? Find out more about sustainable fashion here.

Experts calculate that extending the active life of clothing by just three months per item leads to a 5-10% reduction in its carbon, water and waste footprint.

SECONDHAND: : The UK’s dedicated peer-to-peer marketplace where you can buy and sell pre-loved wintersports clothing.

One Tree at a Time : Eco French organisation that offers rental, repair and resale of ski and snowboard clothing and equipment. 

Houdini : Swedish brand that not only boasts 100% sustainability credentials on materials used but also offers resale of secondhand own-label items.

Patagonia : offers a trade-in service at US stores and resale of secondhand clothing. 

Picture : A company that has been 100% committed to sustainability from day one. Recycled materials, sustainable sourcing, lifetime repair guarantee; “Before you choose to buy new, we encourage you to purchase a second-hand product. Whether a garment or something else, this is one of the most eco-responsible acts you can perform!”

Patagonia : One of the pioneers of sustainable fashion. Buying Patagonia clothing, you can be sure of making a purchase that has minimal negative impact on the planet.

Planks Clothing : Offers a repair service to prolong the lifetime of its clothing. Uses recycled materials in 50% of products, recyled and recyclable packaging, “constantly evolving our products and processes to lessen our environmental impact”. 


earlybird skis : “the world’s most sustainable eco freeride skis” built with bio based and recycled materials, sustainably sourced wood and bio-based resin.

Butta wax : Greener, low-fluro carbon snow wax, handmade and packaged from 90% solar-powered premises.

Travel : Rail travel to a ski resort creates only a fraction of the carbon emissions of the equivalent journey by plane or car, and can help make your journey a fun part of the trip. Snowcarbon  makes it easy to choose and get to a rail-accessible ski destination.

Eurostar : Trips to the French Alps by train.

RailEurope : Travelling to Swiss ski resorts by train.

bookdifferent : Rates destinations by their eco rating so you can make your own decision about where to go / stay.

Ski resorts going green

Wintersports resorts are now making big efforts to increase sustainability and protect the environment. Some examples:


piste bashers use biodegradable diesel


waste methane from a nearby coal mine generates carbon negative electricity


has replaced diesel ski lifts with solar power


100% car-free resort that runs on biofuel. Even the snowmobiles are electric-powered


from village to ski lifts, this resort is totally powered by hydroelectric


waste heat from ski lifts is re-diverted to provide warmth for buildings

Know a business that operates in the wintersports sustainability sector? We are continually updating our #SkiGreen Directory: get in touch to let us know.

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