Seller tips

Seller tips

IMAGES: Great photos sell clothes. But how to take the best pics without a home studio? It can be done!
Try these top tips:

  1. Sharing is caring
    Make sure your outfit is washed and in tip-top condition. Your customer wants to receive something in great condition that has been cared for – share the outfit, not its experience.
  2. Contrast not conflict!
    Choosing the best background for your outfit is so important. Try white (doors can work) or display it on uncreased paper/card to make your purchaser’s eye is drawn to the outfit not the backdrop. Rarely does using wooden floors or a duvet as a backdrop work.
  3. Plump it up
    Try rolling towels and place inside the outfit (across the chest / in the arms / in the legs): think scarecrow! (Make sure the towel is not visible.)
  4. Image experiment
    Think about your items and make sure you photograph key elements:
    – Why did you buy it?
    – Does it have any specific detail?
    – Be clear with the colour
    – Are there any discrepancies? Show them clearly in your photos.
    – Take detail shots as well as overall.
  5. Retail is detail
    You can’t do better than zooming in on the detail so your purchaser knows exactly what they are getting: focus on zips / inner pockets / any key features including logos and branding.

DESCRIPTION: You have plenty of space in the description box, so make sure you provide as much detail and information as possible to ensure your purchaser can make an informed choice to buy your item. Include:
Brand: Who was it made by?
Size: Is it a ‘big’ 12 or a ‘small’ 12?  How old was your child when they wore it?
Key points: Colour / extra warm / designer wear?
Why are you selling it: Kids have grown out of it / you have been skiing once and don’t expect to go again
Material: What’s it made from (any waterproofing / thermal info?)
Details: Zips or Velcro? Straps? Lift pass pocket? Avalanche transponder? Removable hood? Ventilation?

The price is right:
If you want your item to sell, you need to price it competitively. We would always rather see an item sell than go to landfill, so think eco and ask a reasonable price that will encourage someone to buy your item that would otherwise be dumped. Remember, the majority of outdoor clothing taken to charity shops does not sell and cannot be recycled.
Remember, your price needs to include postage costs. You might want to make this clear in the description.

PROMOTION: TOP TIP! Giving your sale a mention on your personal social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) with a link back to your SALES page is a great way to make sure as many people as possible see what you’re selling. 

CONTACT: If you need to get in touch with the purchaser of your item, visit their profile page. You can do this by noting their registered name, then visiting My Account DASHBOARD > MY MESSAGES and clicking on NEW MESSAGE. Type or paste in their registered name and a message can be sent direct via without revealing your personal details.

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