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Sell your ski wear

Selling on is easy – join us (it’s free and simple), take some good photos of your ski items (you can see our sellers tips), upload them onto your members portal under ‘Add Listings’, click a few boxes, write a quick overview and press publish. Your ski-kit will be in front of buyers in a matter of moments!!

Post your items for sale, read seller tips and check FAQs.

Cut your carbon footprint

Zips, chemical coatings and a mix of materials make outdoor clothing almost impossible to recycle. When you give it to a charity shop, your ski kit is unlikely to find a new owner, so odds are it will end up in landfill or incineration. Extending the active life of clothing by just three months per item,  reduces its carbon, water and waste footprint by up to 10%.
Selling your ski wear through is the greenest way to extend its life even further and help cut wastage in the textiles industry. 


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