Listings Rules

Listings Rules

Be honest
We want you and your customer to be delighted with their purchase, so make sure the description and photos of every item posted for sale are fair and accurate. No one likes a nasty surprise.

By listing your items on you assert that they belong to you and you have the right to sell them. In brief: only sell items that you own.

Remember too that it is ILLEGAL to sell (or buy!) fake or counterfeit items. There is no place on for such items, and we will take down any such postings. (For full details, see our Ts&Cs)

Prohibited items
We do not allow sale of the following on

  • fake or counterfeit items
  • offensive materials
  • used helmets (you can’t be sure how long it’s been worn and what has happened to it. Avoid secondhand helmets.)
  • used cosmetics eg suncreams
  • alcohol
  • drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • animal products eg real fur
  • hazardous materials
  • medical devices

NOTE: this list is not exhaustive. We reserve the right to prohibit sale of any other items on an ad hoc basis if we consider them to be dangerous or inappropriate.  

Copyright images
Do not cut and paste images from elsewhere (retailer or stock images) to illustrate the item you are selling. Use only your own images.

If your item is identical to one elsewhere on the internet, post a link but do not reproduce anyone else’s words or images. See our FAQs page for tips on taking great photos.

Commercial listings is a peer to peer marketplace, so we do not allow commercial or business postings. This means no large quantities of brand new clothing or other items, batches of new clothing in a variety of sizes, colours etc, items which ‘can be ordered’ etc.

Once your item has sold, please make every effort to dispatch it as soon as payment has been received. Keep your customer informed as to how and when you have posted an item.

Every sale is a contract between vendor and purchaser so you must honour all transactions.

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