Giving Back

Giving Back

Skiing  brings mental and physical benefits; being in the mountains is a brilliant way to escape the stresses of everyday life, enjoy the glorious mountain scenery, connect with nature and get a healthy workout. So when we were looking for a charity partner, we wanted to team up with an organisation that supports the people we want to see grow up strong in mind and body: our teenagers. 

And that’s why we pledge to give 25% of our revenue from every sale on this website to the teenage mental health charity stem4, ensuring your pre-loved ski clothing provides benefits for those who can’t make it to the slopes.

stem4 is a teenage mental health charity aimed at improving teenage mental health by stemming commonly occurring mental health issues at an early stage.

The charity, based in Wimbledon, encourages debate and shared information by targeting students, school leaders, teachers, SENCOs, parents and health professionals.

stem4 educates through interactive conferences for schools and through its comprehensive website. It also provides self-help through Calm Harm and Clear Fear apps, the website and booklets.

stem4 believes that young people have just as much right to accessing facts about good mental health as they do good physical health, and yet there is a lack of accurate information. Embarrassment or social stigma surrounding mental health issues can so easily lead to confusion with what may be normal development, as opposed to the early development of a mental health issue.

By raising awareness, sharing information on how to recognise early warning signs and by providing effective strategies in how to deal with them, the charity aims to identify and stem these conditions early on.

Visit the stem4 website to find out more.

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