Destroying clothing should not be common practice

3rd October 2019 Eco

Destroying clothing that goes unsold is common practice. Burberry was name-shamed for it, ditto Hermès. Amazon is said to be a major culprit, and even H&M has faced criticism for burning items it could not shift (although the brand says that incineration has been rare – and now it has textile collection bins in stores. We approve.).

Some 4 MILLION tons of new or used textiles are thrown away every year in Europe. That’s why France has decided to take action on this wasteful practice, banning brands from destroying unsold items. Other countries are tipped to be considering following suit.

Greenpeace has called on the fashion industry to think long and hard about its carbon footprint.

So what’s going to happen to all those items that don’t sell, yet can’t be scrapped? Keep an eye on as we have an idea of what can happen to end of stock, unsold wintersports clothing, at least…

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