Charging policy

Charging policy

When you sell an item through, you are automatically charged a 20% commission on the transaction including any shipping costs. This charge is taken directly from your WhoSki account before the remainder of the money is paid to you.

What’s different with is that out of this 20%, a quarter goes to our charity partner stem4 . This means that stem4 receives funding of 5% of the price of every sale made on our site, even when (as happens periodically) we suspend our own commission.

Unlike some other marketplace platforms, there is no charge simply for listing your items on, so no sale – no fee.

Additionally, remember that if you use PayPal as your payment method, there is a UK fee of 3.4% + £0.20 per transaction.

What happens if I refund a buyer?

If you refund a buyer for any reason, for example if they change their mind about an item and you agree to their request, we will refund three quarters of the 20% commission ie the 15% that we take as the fee. The charity element will not be refunded.

You can refund your buyer directly from your PayPal account via this page:

Refunding this way means you will receive back your PayPal transaction fee. Once your refund has completed, get in touch with us providing the following:

1 proof of refund or cancelled payment from your PayPal account eg a screenshot from your PayPal account
2 your username
3 the email address you use for PayPal
4 the username of your buyer
5 the date of the sale/purchase on
6 the PayPal transaction ID for the amount you paid us in commission
7 the total amount of fee we charged you

As with all interactions,polite, regular communication between buyers and sellers will ensure transactions on take place smoothly and in good faith. 

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