About Us

About Us

Ever wished you could update your ski kit more often? Wanted to refresh your on-piste style but couldn’t justify a new outfit because your current one is far from worn out? Found yourself stuck with a pile of good-as-new kids’ ski clothing they’ve outgrown but not outworn?

Backed up with a blog full of helpful skiing advice and info, WhoSki.com is THE place to sell your no-longer-wanted ski kit, and pick up new ski and snowboard gear at prices that mean you can refresh your on-piste style as often as you like. 

Keeping textiles out of landfill and in circulation, PLUS we give 25% of our commission on every sale to the teenage mental health charity stem4.

We are Nicola and Sally: WhoSki.com founders

We LOVE skiing. We LOVE looking good on the slopes. But we don’t like spending a fortune on ski gear. And we are passionate about greening-up our ski habit, as well as supporting the sustainable fashion movement.

Nicola: As the mum of teens who have both been on skiing holidays every year since babyhood, I have accumulated and passed on shedloads – literally – of pre-loved but outgrown ski gear. But the number of ski families in my immediate circle is limited, so there’s not always a ready secondhand market for my kids’ high quality, good as new snow kit.

Charity shops find it hard to shift ski clothing, so WhoSki.com is my way to help keep textiles out of landfill. 

(I must also admit, I’ve got a bit of a weak spot for a new ski jacket and love to upgrade probably more often than I should!)

Sally: Why do I love skiing? It’s freedom, family time and the time of year when I can fill my boots with cheese fondue and hot chocolate and STILL feel healthy. That’s why skiing is my kind of holiday!

As for WhoSki.com: why is it so hard to get decent-priced, stylish ski-wear online – especially for children? You buy ski clothing for the kids that clearly has a bit of growing room, but within MONTHS they shoot up, lanky legs, gangling arms, and boom! You’re left with one barely worn, almost new ski suit that no longer fits.

And ski stuff? Well, the industry’s recycling credentials are poor so we want to grow the world of #PassItOn: reuse, recycle and reduce the impact this fabulous sport has on our planet.

WhoSki founder Sally

Life’s too short not to look good on the slopes: buying and selling via WhoSki.com makes a piste fashion refresh affordable AND sustainable. Find out more about our eco credentials here.

Giving back

We donate 25% of our commission to teenage mental health charity stem4 with EVERY sale.

For us, being in the mountains is a brilliant way to escape the stresses of everyday life, enjoy the glorious mountain scenery, connect with nature and get a healthy workout. Partnering with stem4 is our way of sharing that feelgood factor and ensuring your pre-loved ski clothing provides benefits for those who can’t make it to the slopes.

Click here to find out more about stem4 and why we chose them as our charity partner

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